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Build here your tree and download of high-resolution files for printing in large format!



Paginate your family tree and generates a file in A3
high-resolution print on paper, a fantastic gift idea
will look handmade and customized just for you.


Some tips!: initially enter the names of family members in the central branch. Other branches and name distant family members can be added to the tree later.

In the case of distant relatives it is possible to put more than one name on an individual parchment!


You can find some useful origin of surnametext in, find the source of the name and place
text tree. Other useful sites are:

This gift is offered online to $ 9,90.The cost of printing with cardboard does not exceed $1. A gift suitable for any family, for baptisms, anniversaries, Christmas parties, birthdays, birthday parties for surnames, heraldry enthusiasts, gifts to relatives.

Produce along with your family your family tree
and download the file ready to print!

* This service is currently a unique product in the market online!
Owner of service and contacts are here:

For any problems please contact me anytime!



Today, however, want to talk about one of the gifts the Puzzolo received on that occasion and that was very well liked by their grandparents (especially fathers *, soon you'll understand why).
This is a Family Tree personalized with his name, the names of his parents (that's us!), Grandparents and great grandparents.

A very appreciated gift from us, but also by all the guests who were able to admire it!
I got to experience for themselves what a family tree can ignite the curiosity of children about their family history. I've used recently, in school, to teach the degrees of relationship in English and the kids had a lot to draw the various branches, to glue photos of family, etc. ... but, above all, to understand why not all the cousins ​​bring their own name!

In this case it is a picture created and designed specifically for children, an original idea of ​​Grace Salvo (a woman with a thousand resources!) And distributed solely by the Libreria Mondadori Augusta.

I take this post to thank once again the heart of Grace, Leonardo Antonio and the baby for this wonderful memory of his family that will always Puzzolo under the eyes! ^. ^

If you are interested in receiving, or giving away, this pretty picture I show you how to get it. Here are the details and instructions:
Simply fill in a form that you receive via mail (or get directly in the library), provide the names of family members and their departments will put them in the design which will then be printed in color on paper 30 x 40 cm to 180 mg with photographic resolution.
The picture is sent along with a scroll that offers a key to the symbols in the drawing.
This is the e-mail address to receive all the information and ask your Family Tree
Ah, through June is priced at € 9.90! I would say you should take advantage of it! ;)

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Today is the Day, Grandparents Day! Grandparents are a bit 'the roots of our family and help us to keep alive the traditions. Just to celebrate the bond that unites us might be a good idea to give to grandparents in their feast day of a beautiful tree do-it-yourself. Definitely appreciate ...

On Kids and Family Tree Magazine Backyardlandscape find some models to be printed, you have just completed writing the names and adding photos of your family members. If you have a little 'more time and want to do something more creative with your hands you can follow the advice of Fiskars, which explains how to create a family tree do-it-yourself with the technique of collage.

If your grandfather is high-tech in a few minutes you can build an online family tree. You can also share your information with relatives and invited to stay in touch with them. Congratulations to all the grandparents!

What kind of gift for Mother's Day may be the most appreciated? Well, it's hard to say, but of course it depends on the tastes of your mother and his artistic style and aesthetic choice. For example, an elegant person a gift too informal and symbolic can not be very pleasing, as well as to a person instead of sports and "easy going" kind of a gift rather too pompous and too much can not say anything about that. So how to find the balance between these two extremes? Where to find, in the few days that now separate us from the feast of the mothers, the type of gift idea, perfect, perfect for a person who deserves everything that has always been generous and helpful to us as only a mother knows to be? Although missing a few days, in fact, you might still find the right gift, even without an extensive search if you should entrust to the possibilities of the Internet. For this reason, to be sure, you should entrust to the leading site for photo gifts online. Which industry knows how to be just as cross-cutting digital prints online? There are broad types of products in each material and in any media, from the most exclusive and classy at the most economical and convenient, but not lower quality. In short, your perfect gift idea could be closer than you think, at a distance of only some few clicks of the mouse and tap. And what type of gift you can create for example? Well, with personalized prints, the artists are you, and you can create all the infinite range of gifts, such as a tree on a custom poster, or on a painting on a canvas with photos, rather than on a panel or banner, but you can also choose between the prints of photo albums and custom printing of books of photographs, including printing on glass and on a blanket, rather than prints on shirts and hats customized. In short, never as in this case the prints online, can you really say that you are creative, and the staff of creative and graphic is at your disposal to customize most complete and radical picture family and the resulting prints very high quality, sharpness and detail on virtually any media imaginable. Good selection of gifts for mom So!

Is a project that began life several years ago at the initiative of a group of enthusiasts and connoisseurs of researchers on heraldry. It is based on the concept of 'continuous search' that allows continued growth of the archive for what concerns the number of names available, but also and above all, about the amount of information available for each surname.

Our archive contains stories not already 'ready to provide the customer and is updated daily with new information through the work of our research center, as mentioned above. For every new job is a new research that translates into a unique and custom printed, finally, in High Quality of valuable papers.

Researchers at the center of our research studies performed manually because the information about the name, sometimes also provided by the customer in the form of simple track, may be contained in different stores and / or text, and this same information must be sorted, organized chronologically, verified and compared and finally validated by the head of our database, you sign them even on the original copy sent to the customer.

Rediscover the origins of his family is much easier thanks to the Internet: the Web offers several tools to calculate your family tree starting with the last name. Many sites are free and simple to use. We see a list of the most common and try to understand how they work.

On the site you can also enter data from other software: the process is very intuitive. Allows you to add photos to create personal profiles to share with other users in a safe and guaranteed in the policy. All for free. You start by entering your name and those of their parents and in the form suggested we go forward, it is indeed the case to say back in the generations.

This pdf file contains a family tree already set. For those who hate having to fill out cards by hand, just type in the blanks from the computer, and then save or print.

This pedigree in pdf can contain the ancestors from whom you descend directly in the format of the traditional family tree. The latest technology allows you to type the names and dates right from your computer. This tree will make you free easy to follow the progress you have made your family tree, and see at a glance what needs to be done. It can also be completed on-line, and is very useful to show to friends and family via e-mailing, or you simply print it and distribute it to friends.

This chart free to create your family tree includes 4 generations in the standard family. Each box contains enough space for the name, date and place of birth, the format is free, so you can choose the information you want to include. You can print on A4 or A3.

In high resolution gratis218 wallpapers (backgrounds) in high resolution for free
New free wallpapers (wallpapers HD) High risoluzioneNuovi free wallpapers (wallpapers HD) high-resolution
Hours Trenitalia state railway. Display path of a train in time realeOrario Trenitalia state railway. Display path of a train in real time

Free Family Tree Program, complete in Italian and English

All of us are probably curious about the origins of our family and we want to have happened some time back to our ancestors, to find out sometimes something interesting about it. For this, it is useful to have a clear and appropriate tool and then expose the data and information collected. The old houses were used to have one of their shows, the graphical representation of the origins of the dynasty, often represented as a tree, on whose branches were precisely those who indicated they are called the "branches" of the family: the family tree. Modern technologies allow us to have a graphical view of our origins in a clear, comprehensive and complete. There are several programs, from the simplest level to the most professional that we present is a professional program, called Family Tree Builder (which means "family tree maker").

Let us examine its characteristics: it is very easy to use, provides a sample family tree, the American Kennedy family. We can create a new project, which will be our tree and, from our parents, to enter data: name, surname, date of birth, date of marriage, etc ... From here, going back, we put the parents and children to climb up further back in time to the period for which we have information. If we are missing some data, we can always put them at a later time. Each person can enter their photos, annotations and citazioni.Il program has 34 languages, including Italian. E 'is able to link in a photo with several people's faces as one of them in the database can also be done the reverse, starting with a name so we can see the face of that person in a photo contains more people.

It is part of a website that offers an interesting amount of innovative tools for genealogical research, including the use of a face recognition software. Besides that you can publish, we can choose different options depending on the level of privacy that we apply our tree on the web to be able to collect and share data and other information about our family, as well as you can go and search on trees placed in the network.